Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette

  Urban Decay has done it, Finally! They finally pushed aside all their naked palettes and made way for the Electric Palette, a vibrant bold palette, it was colors like these that made Urban Decay who they were. Now we finally have them back!

  So we have bold color back but is it worth the hype? I think so. Now, no you don’t have to rush out right now to buy it and you don’t have to stock up. These babies are part of the permanent collection! This makes for a happy Jess! 

  The pigmentation, well this is a pigment palette so of course they are highly pigmented. I will do swatches in another post, but trust me these are insanely pigmented and on top of that go on smoothly and blend so so so perfectly! Below are a couple eye looks I did with this palette. Mind you they aren’t the best pictures because they are off of my phone. 

Again sorry they aren’t the best but they were off my phone!

  Staining? Though I have heard people complain about staining I have not had any instances of staining, especially while wearing primers. The only time I had it stain was when I made a big no no and fell asleep in it. Other than that there has been no such case!

 Not for immediate eye area?  Okay so this is a touchy subject but the FDA in the US has not approved Slowburn, Savage, Jilted and Urban and people are freaking out about it. Lets keep in mind these are approved in Canada and Europe. That being said it is a warning, I’m not going to tell you to wear them on your eyes but I have worn them on mine with no reactions whatsoever. Only you know your body, if you have had reactions to red dyes before it is in your best interest not to use those listed colors on your eyes.  And please keep in mind this is not an eyeshadow palette! It is a pressed pigment palette which is loosely an eyeshadow palette but because of those 4 colors can not be. 

 So the packaging, well its gorgeous!

  The box and palette itself are covered in the colors inside the palette in an ink in water/ smokey print. It’s to die for, that right there had me suckered in. But wait it gets better not only is this a sturdy palette but the mirror is a stand alone mirror with many degrees of adjustment, which makes everything easier and better. Last but not least the inside is a sleek black that really makes each color pop and stand out.

   The brush is a dual ended brush like most palettes come with it is synthetic and really packs on the color. I love this brush!

   All in all I love this palette and I am overjoyed that it is going to be a permanent addition to the Urban Decay family!  

Hey beauts!

So you guys may be wondering where I’ve been, not to worry I will be back but life has hit hard these past months. Im at the final steps of entering beauty school, I’ve been working my butt off, I have a special friend who is now expecting and my buisness pretty in punk designs has multiple shows coming up so I’ve been busy working on things for those..again I am so sorry and I love you all!

Wet N Wild Color Icon Glitter Singles.

  I haven’t used glitter in a long time, let alone a glitter cream eyeshadow and now I know why. Now before you get all huffy on me, yes I know that this is used as a topper to a regular eyeshadow which I did, and yet still meh. Well I was a little more disappointed than meh but you can read on and find out why. 

   A couple nights ago my boyfriend and I were food shopping before we got hit with yet another lovely snow storm. Sense the sarcasm in my voice? Well any way I saw a huge Wet N Wild display up the Valentine’s Day Aisle and  just had to check it out. That is where I found glitter single cream eye shadows for a dollar a piece. I grabbed them up, and even posted an exciting picture on instagram of the trio I snagged. Thats about as far as my excitement went. 

  Lets first start out with what I got. 

Spiked, which is a gray and silver sparkle. I thought this would be very versatile  for any kind of look!

Vices, a bright red which was right up my alley for a Valentine’s day look.

And finally Groupie which I thought was a great pinky mauve color and I honestly just adored it….for a short period of time. 

   So my first beef with these is the weight of them along with the texture. Honestly it felt as if I had applied vaseline to my eyes and just left it there. It was gooey and very heavy on the eye. It felt like I was wearing makeup and that was a no no!

    That being said here was the look I was going for today.

I again liked it for about two seconds. And don’t mind that eye booger, we all have em, I just decided to show mine off! Any who, you wanna see why I don’t like it? Alright, here you go!


Say what?!?! Now I did use Urban Decay’s Primer Potion and I did use an eyeshadow, Sha La La from the Little Mermaid Palette to be exact. But this glitter was on about two minutes and boom it messed everything up before I could even finish my face. Oh and also I used it only right above my lash line, the rest was purely Sha La La, yet it creased everything and took most of my eye shadow off. 

So all in all I give this stuff a 0.1 out of 10 stars because it did look pretty in the package but that was seriously all it had going for it. Do yourselves a favor invest in cosmetic loose glitter and adhesive, don’t even try this for fun like I did. It is a total waste!!!


Okay, so I need to just say how extremely excited I am to be doing my first cosplay! I mean I get to buy a bunch of theater makeup! Yay! Granted its all white and setting powders but heck I get to make some big time purchases! So far I have been buying all Mehron products, I just can’t wait for them to arrive! Just wanted to let you guys all in on a little secret. The convention I’m going to is still a month away but I have a lot of work to do. Thank god I already got the dress, but I still need Rigid Collodin, huge dramatic lashes, and I need to make a key for a wind up doll. I’ve been going a little over budget but, I am going to cosplay as this in March, June, August and most likely Halloween so I’ll get my use! Needless to say I am excited but looking for suggestions on any brands you guys use! Thanks  xxoo